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About Us

We are passionate about hand made soap and proud of our collection of recipes which have been built up over the past 8 years.  We make our soaps  using the traditional cold process method ..they are made from pure enriching oils, olive  palm and coconut blended with water Jasmine and Frankincense and a range of essential oils and organic herbs.These specific and exclusive essential oils are used to promote cellular regeneration, encouraging skin renewal and help to improve the complexion and skin elasticity conferring a more youthful appearance.  The soaps are lathery and leave the skin moisturised and soft with a freshness that does not always accompany rejuvenating soaps. The soaps look gorgeous and smell gorgeous with fantastic aromas that perfume the air, we have customers who use our soaps as fragrancers all over the home.  But the real beauty of our soap is when you use it ..soaps are lathery and luxurious, and leave skin clean, enriched and moisturised.  Skin matters we only get one!   Would you knowingly wash in chemicals and animal fats!! Well that is what you are doing with commercially produced soaps. Our soaps are environmentally friendly we use no chemicals,  limited packaging, the soap is locally manufactured with very low energy and have no wastage!  So you can be kind to you and kind to the environment!.  

Julie Holmes


Our Story


My story by Julie Holmes

My professional background is in property and then telecommunications I was part of a team that founded what was in the 1990s the largest independent telecommunications company in the UK and whilst this bears no relevance to the world of soap.. I think we were the first company in this field to put the customer first! This is what I attribute our success to and is something that has stayed with me today.


After many years in this field I opted for a complete change pursuing for once my creative interests....dried flower arranging had been my hobby for some time and i decided to go on a flower arranging course and this introduced me to the real thing and I fell in love with flowers. I quickly moved onto a full time floristry course and bought a shop. I love everything about flowers being able to create different arrangements whole themes etc is magical and although it is very hard work I have never lost that passion and work and pleasure are truly combined!. Being very business driven periodically I felt the need to start a new shop and then sell it! In my shops I had always sold gifts and “soaps “ were always an important product, I loved handmade soaps and when this coincided with me looking for a new hobby the obvious choice was to make soap...just glycerine melt and pour at the start. and I became interested in essential oils and natural beauty products ....

When selling one of my shops I was just browsing on the internet looking at similar florists for sale and an advert seemed to just jump of the page at me” Soap Business For Sale”... i read it, rang the agent and demanded an appointment straight away. The lady was away but i managed to make an appointment the afternoon she returned from holiday... I saw the business it was located a long way away but i just knew I could make it work... I took home a sample of all the soaps and that is when i knew that I needed to make soap of that quality, it was the best soap i had ever used and i knew buying this business would open the door to another hobby becoming my life!.

I bought the business in 2008 and learnt the manufacturing process took about a year and I combined this with other courses both practical and theoretical, soap certification etc and some consultancy help ... I moved the manufacture to a new purpose built soap lab in my partners medical business and set about introducing my own recipes. I make all the soap myself with the help of my team Jade and Sarah , everything is mixed by hand and for us quality control is paramount.

Although confident of the quality of my product I felt that I was not confident of my presentation. Even though I loved the product and would always use it I did not feel that is was presented in a way I could enjoy giving it as a gift. I decided we needed a new look and set about a rebrand in the end this was carried out largely in house as professional branding carried with it a price tags of tens of thousands of pounds...and I now have a new look with beautiful environmentally friendly packaging for each soap..

I now know a lot about natural beauty products now, much of it is like cooking it is in the quality of ingredients and if you can get those right you are a long way there. My mission is to produce the very best hand made soaps and body products offering a real luxury experience at a value price.

Inventing the recipes for body creams and several new soap recipes is keeping me busy at the moment and I am looking to develop the company into a serious company in this field and one that “puts the customer first”..